Language, which is one of the basic elements of culture and the most important one, is the most natural way of expressing the feelings, thoughts and wishes of the society to which it belongs. Culture maintains its presence within the language. Language is an important part of culture. It is inevitable that this relationship between language and culture will be reflected in all kinds of language materials. Poems, which are one of these materials, contain and transmit cultural elements in the poetic language used. Turkish literature, which does not consist only of Anatolia, has spread and developed in almost every land where Turks have set foot. The Crimean Tatar geography is one of these lands. The adventures of the Crimean people, including their exiles, oppressions, cultural policies, it is the source of literary works given in this environment.  Crimean Tatars tried to keep their language and culture alive through literature and intellectuals. One of the Crimean Tatar poets who wrote poems with the awareness was Sakir Selim. In this study, the language and culture elements in Sakir Selim’s poem Kırımnâme were explained. The poem, which consists of fourteen verses, is also worth examining the history of Crimea in terms of expressing the Crimean Turks’ perception of homeland.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Crimean Tatar literature, Sakir Selim, Kırımname, language, culture.