Reading and writing is the most effective way to serve a culture. For a society to become stronger, it needs to acquire the habit of reading and develop this habit. Books, which can be a bridge between the past and the present, enable a nation to develop its own language as well as being effective in knowing its past and building its future. Suat UNGAN, who reads a lot and tries to explain what he has learned from what he has read by writing a lot, usually meets his readers in the columns of newspapers, but later he aimed to reach a wider audience by turning these writings into books. In this study, two of the books that he wrote before and then collected these writings and brought them together, the first edition of which was published in 2015 and for which no introductory article had been written before, and the two works titled What Turkish Suffered from the Turks and Cross View published in 2023, were examined.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Turkish language, Turkish, language teaching, Suat Ungan.